Advanced Connectivity

Expand your offers to the mass-market with easy-to-use tracking devices and affordable services

Wow buyers with GPS tracking devices going out from the box to online within seconds.

Get reliable M2M communications and instant user notifications with consistent SMS messaging system.

Empower your support team with the online tools they need to excel.

Cut your costs related to the technical issues resolving and service visits.

Automatic device activation

Faster time to market

Your buyers and equipment installers won’t need to preconfigure the devices manually, getting a headache with all these drivers, cables and server connection settings. iTrack performs fully automated over-the-air configuration of the devices, using the combination of SMS and GPRS instructions. Similar to DHCP technology, it sets correct APN and server connection settings, uploads initial configuration profile. Users just enter the only IMEI code printed on the device and get the device ready for use within a few seconds. Moreover, you can define which tariff plan should be applied for each device or give some days for trial use.

GPRS for primary, SMS for backup

Reliable and cost-effective connections

Most of the GPS tracking devices use GSM network for bi-directional communication with the server. Smarter devices can be controlled completely over GPRS IP and use SMS channel as backup, while many cheaper models use SMS only.

Whenever it is available, iTrack always uses GPRS IP as a primary and SMS as a backup channel. That minimizes traffic costs and decreases latency to make user operations with the device comfortable and reliable. However, when it is required, the communication with the device can be switched to SMS mode.

Sustainable SMSC connection

Messaging matters

Providing SMS services is essential for GPS tracking business. The platform issues M2M commands and receives confirmations from the devices, send notifications to users and reacts to requests they send to service phone numbers.

With iTrack you can use up to two SMS centers simultaneously. It supports bi-directional communication with any world-wide or local SMS service using common SMPP v.3.4 standard. You can also connect with the most popular messaging services like Twilio, Nexmo and Textlocal or use NeoGate hardware GSM gateways.

Air console for Support team

Hassle-free issues resolving

According to statistics the most common technical issues arise from the tracking device failures. Air configuration console – a tool which comes as a part of iTrack Admin panel, helps to handle these issues fast and effectively.

Using the Air console your technical support team can remotely diagnose the device, check its logs, send any commands and upgrade the firmware with ease. Engineers communicate with the device in its native protocol, exactly in the same way as they had it connected to their computer with USB cable. The Air console also shows how the raw data coming from the device is being decoded into intelligible data. Remote diagnostics, configuration and software upgrades with Air console significantly reduce the number of service requests, speeds up customer support and saves your spending on salaries service visits.

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