Fleet Management

Most of today's successful businesses rely on prompt service. Truly, quick deliveries and great customer service are what attract clients towards a certain business. This is why efficient fleet management is a must to give your company the edge when out in the market and make it stand out of the competition.

Since business is unique with different goals and pressures, the fleet management business can prove to be difficult to handle.

Unlock the potential of your business with fleet management by getting in the driver seat of every vehicle in your fleet! Use location information to identify more fuel efficient roads and gain access to reports to accurate working hours of your employees.

The fleet management provides you with accurate and real time GPS location of your business vehicle or truck. In addition to the location, the GPS sends out alerts and creates reports on demand or by schedule. Not to forget that installing a GPS on your machine would secure it from theft.
New RFID tagging systems from Itrack are designed to monitor, control and protect the use of vehicle fleets run by bus and coach operators.
With this new software and hardware, effective management is made easier and more convenient with a web-based application. This tool has a lot to offer every kind of business, especially those that rely heavily on timely deliveries and transportation.
This is a great management tool since it can track their schedule and lessen late deliveries. Another advantage is that you can accurately calculate when and what time the delivery will arrive, which in turn lessens disputes over the billing brought about by late arrivals.

Some of the reasons why this GPS tracking technology should be used by every business:

1- Current location

Current location of vehicles can be immediately determined. It provides data derived from real-time GPS tracking satellites all over the globe. You can have the information whenever and wherever, as long you can connect to the World Wide Web.

2- Monitor every activity of your vehicles

From the opening and to the closing of your car's door, this information is recorded unto a log, which is then sent to you over a reliable server to your approved e-mail. Information sent over the web is kept confidential with a unique ID and password for every customer. The servers are also very confidential; also these are updated and backed-up on a monthly basis in the UK. .

3- Easy integration into your existing office applications

Using this technology, you can integrate it seamlessly into your current office applications with a relative ease. Making it ideal even for established companies, since it can complement every application there is for company management.

4- Monitor the delivery routes of your trucks

. Many companies depend completely on their on-time deliveries to keep the business running smoothly. With this tracking system, monitoring your delivery fleet is easy since you will know if the delivery made it on time or not. .