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What is an “active” device?

To make your costs as little as possible, we offer a concurrent licensing model. You don’t have to pay for devices that are not used or temporarily blocked. For each particular day of a month the billing system counts how many devices exactly were sending data to servers – we call them “active” and charge accordingly. Not more.

Does iTrack supports multiple languages?

Yes, we support many languages, including languages with right-to-left writing direction. We also welcome contributors who can help us to add support for any new language. Besides, you can bill your users in national currencies.

Is it reliable?

We’re fanatical about running your services with no interruption. Our data centers are equipped with powerful servers from top brands, have robust network infrastructure and monitored by staff 24/7/365. That ensures high service availability and data safety.

Can I get a demo or trial of iTrack?

Yes, you can have both. We would be happy to demonstrate iTrack via a Web-conference at your convenience. You can also get started with you 30-days trial within minutes – even right now.

Are you US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant?

Yes, we comply with the US/EU Safe Harbor framework for data protection and use. This also applies for the users from the worldwide. For more information, please read our US/EU Safe Harbor Privacy Policy.

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