Interface your customers will like

Powerful but intuitive interface for devices big and small

Rich. Responsive. Personalized.

Enjoy the window-based interface which combines the flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use. Get the tools or information you need – equally conveniently on your desktop computer and mobile devices.

Cross-browser. No plugins.

iTrack rich web-interface delivers features and functions normally associated with desktop applications. It runs inside any modern web-browser and does not require any software installation, plugins, or Java. It’s all based on pure Javascript and HTML5 technologies only.

Focused data. In windows.

One-app-per-goal philosophy brings all useful information and right tools directly to user, eliminating unnecessary navigations. Open the apps you need, customise the layout and change view settings for a richer experience and optimised workflow.

Small screens. Big deals.

Although we offer free native apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, users can also login the optimised web interface from any mobile browser. It is lightweight and brings all the vital information fast, whenever and wherever it is required.

Offer sophisticated Apps for Business customers

Give business users the exact functionality they need with industry-specific apps. Take advantage of focused solutions to empower your customers with a user experience designed for different needs and skill levels. Get more profit from providing customised service packages for those who really require.

«Tasks» – Transparency in Mobile Workforce Management

Tasks app lets users to manage their mobile workforce in the most efficient way. It is based on GPS location of the employees and Tasks, assigned to them.

  • • Create tasks quickly on the map or on the timeline. Make tasks copies and schedule repeated tasks. Import tasks from ERP and CRM systems with API and file uploading tool.

  • • Assign tasks to employees, set due dates and times, set possible delay and minimum duration to figure out your current level of customer service.

  • • View tasks by selected date range, by status, by employee or by tags.

  • • Use analytic reports to see how your employees success. Compare individual workers and teams. See how your efforts increase an overall productivity from month to month.

«Fleet» – Improving productivity and safety

«Fleet» is one of the built-in apps for fleet operators. It app evolves fast and contains a big range of tools for improving fleet productivity and safety.

  • • Internal database keeps everything about vehicles and drivers. It collects all technical and routine data about the usage, maintenance and accidents, which received from AVL devices and added manually by dispatchers.

  • • Analyze the fuel spend patterns for each driver, accurately calculate costs and improve fuel economy.

  • • Maintenance and repair diagnostics is sent directly from vehicle and helps to predict failures and decrease downtime. Fleet operators receive ‘Engine check’ warnings, read DTC error codes remotely and can schedule regular maintenance activities based on vehicle usage statistics.

  • • Empower drivers to adopt a better driving style and decrease accident rates with individual monitoring of driving behavior. See how it affects on costs related to vehicle repair and fuel consumption.

  • • Use authorization verification of the drivers for anti-theft and accurate reckoning of the salaries and personal productivity.

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