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Concox GPS trackers are one of the most used today in the world. The company offers a wide assortment of budget devices that meet basic needs of majority. Concox Information & Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of professional telematics and wireless communications products. Founded in 2003 the company has a solid experience in developing GPS projects in the area of M2M solutions. Shenzhen based, it has developed a wide international customer range in over 120 countries. The model line is designed for cars, assets and personal locators. Constant products quality made Concox a significant player in telematics industry with a versatile set of budget devices. Concox's innovative character also makes it attractive on an international level: it continuously follows the market trends, such as 3G models shifting.

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Concox GK309
Concox GK309 is a phone GPS Tracker, with GPS and RFID function for the student. GPS student ID phone can make parents know their locations directly.
Concox GS503
Concox GS503 is a handheld GPS tracker designed for personal tracking. It can be used for a lone worker as well as for control of kids and senior members of the family.
Concox GT02
Concox GT02 or TR02 is a very simple vehicle GPS tracker. It is suitable for fleet management when knowing the location of the vehicle is most important.
Concox GT03A
Concox GT03A is a compact light-weight vehicle GPS tracker. It is a very simple device, but suitable for personal use and vehicle monitoring.
Concox GT03C
Concox GT03C magnetic GPS tracker is extremely easy and flexible to install using strong magnetic design. IP65 protection allows it to operate even in extreme working environment.
Concox GT06E
GT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management.
Concox GT06N
Concox GT06N is vehicle GPS tracker with a wide range of options to prevent the car stealing. It is suitable for personal use and fleet management when remote control of the vehicle is the most important.
Concox GT100
Concox GT100 is a compact motorcycle GPS tracker. It is a small but functional device with built-in GPS and GSM antennas and some security options like tele-cut off function for petrol and cable cut-off alarm.
Concox GT300
Concox GT300 is a powerful GSM/GPS safety phone designed mainly for children/elderly/luggage/pets. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix.
Concox GT350
Concox GT350 is a portable GPS tracker. It is designed for inspectors, travelers, outworkers, etc. This personal GPS tracking device supports a wide variety of functions including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, voice monitoring...
Concox GT710
Concox GT710 is a compact, portable and waterproof GPS device designed for fixed asset tracking applications. Mainly used for leasing, credit vehicles, valuable storage and transportation, heavy machinery and equipment rentals, cattle grazing management...
Concox GT800
Concox GT800 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a high-end multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker with solid performance for reasonable price. In addition to GPS and AGPS tracking. This GPS tracker device supports door status detection, two-way communication as well as SOS call.
Concox GV20
Concox GV20 is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking. It offers you crystal clear real-time tracking details, including location, route, flashback, etc., even in tough environment.
Concox JV200
Concox JV200 vehicle GPS tracker with real time online tracking is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking.
Concox TR06
Concox tr06 is vehicle GPS tracker with a wide range of options to prevent the car stealing. It is suitable for personal use and fleet management when remote control of the vehicle is the most important.
Concox WeTrack Lite
Concox WeTrack Lite (GV25) mini vehicle GPS tracker is perfect for car rental, fleet management and logistics, the best-in-class GPS device WeTrack Lite is compact and lightweight, which only weights 26.6g.
Concox WeTrack2
WeTrack2 GPS vehicle tracker is designed to meet the needs of various peripherals. Its wide voltage range ensures its stable running on electromobiles, motorcycles, cars and trucks.
Concox X1
Concox X1 provides you up-to-the-minute speed, location updates and various alerts and reports. Apart from functions like two-way talk, voice monitoring, X1 is also equipped with multiple interfaces for camera, LCD, RFID, etc.
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