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Pretrace is dedicated to provide professional wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and solutions in the field of GPS tracking and Internet of Things (IoT), our products are proved reliable and cost-effective, designed for: intelligent transportation system, fleet management, asset monitoring, personal security and pet tracking. Pretrace also has rich experience on OEM/ODM service, provides flexible customized solutions for specialized requirements and quick service both on technical support & sales service.
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Pretrace TC55
Pretrace TC55 is designed for the most stable and economic GPS tracking for vehicles. With the optional accessories connecting, TC55 is the ultimate solution for fleet managers who in need of location tracking, emergency support...
Pretrace TC56
Pretrace TC56 is a multifunctional GPS tracker for fleet management and M2M applications. It supports real time location, driving behavior analysis, temperature monitoring, two-ways communication...
Pretrace TC80
Pretrace TC80 is optimized for assets tracking. It will operate autonomously for more than 300 days under optimal configuration, which is an ideal self-contained device for long term tracking deployments.
Pretrace TC85
Pretrace TC85 is designed for assets tracking, especially for container tracking. Four built-in batteries with 8800Mah, with super low power consumption, allow it to operate autonomously for more than 1000 days.
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