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Megastek Technologies Ltd., was established in 2002 with focus on GPS tracking industries. It is recognized as a reputable and reliable manufacturer of GPS hardware and solutions. Its product range includes personal, vehicle, pet, and parole tracking devices. Megastek is also proud to fulfill the relevant industries on their OEM and ODM design requirement. Their customers are widely spread all over the world including private and government sectors.
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Megastek GVT-430
Megastek GVT-430 is a tracking device designed for motorbikes, buses and fleet management. This tracker has internal GPS and GSM modules, which are used for getting the location data and send it to authorized phone number via SMS.
Megastek MT-300
Megastek MT-300 is a tracker, which has waterproof IP68, anti-tamper , low power, small size and this device is easy to use.
Megastek MT-90s
Megastek MT-90s is a small, light tracker. It is easy to take and specially designed for children, old man, disabled people and pet.
Megastek MT100
Megastek MT100 is a small handheld GPS device - half the size of a palm. Controls and shows location of the field staff, elderly people or pets.
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