Supported devices – Overview

iTrack supports over 600+ device models from vendors across the world. And the list continues to grow.

Add your device – iTrack

If you have got a device which is not yet supported in iTrack, it can be made within a few days. Our developers team will require the device protocol description document and one sample connected to our test platform. You may choose the level of integration by specifying which device features should be supported.

To ensure that information disclosed during software developmnents remains confidential and is not used other than for the purpose of integration, an NDA will be signed.

Please contact us directly for further details.

Tight device integration

Tight integration – is one of the key advantages iTrack offers. It helps you to win loyal customers by providing better services and slash costs on technical support:

1. Supporting all specific features of the device. Of course, there were important reasons you decided to choose particular GPS trackers for your projects. You can be sure that iTrack supports every device feature you require.

2. Automated hassle-free device activation. Your end users and installers do need to configure devices manually. Make them free of drivers and USB cables. The platform performs all the configuration remotely via GPRS IP and SMS according to the preference you defined. It is as easy as plug and play.

3. Remote configuration and control. Interactive widgets in the user interface allow to manage device settings remotely with ease. When user applies some settings the platform sends M2M commands to the device via GPRS / SMS and listens for the response. For devices that are temporarily offline commands will be stored in the queue and delivered as soon as device connects to the platform.

Please contact us for further details.

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